*** Openings: We are hiring student researchers, including Ph.D., masters and undergraduate students. Multiple positions are available, e.g., qualitative or quantitative data analysts, graphic designers, web developers, mobile app developers, and professional writers, etc. If you are interested in, please send your resume to Prof. Yun Huang. and Prof. Yang Wang. ***


The SALT (Social Computing Systems) lab focuses on systems research in social computing. We seek deep understandings of how people interact with sociotechnical computing systems. We develop original designs that either enable new forms of user/social interaction or impact existing user/social interaction. We propose, develop and evaluate novel infrastructure solutions for a variety of social computing applications. Example projects include mobile crowdsourcing systems for public safety, systems for protecting people's privacy in social media, designs for enabling new forms of interactions between librarians and patrons, and mechanisms for making authentication more accessible for people with disabilities. Currently, our research is funded by NSF, Department of Health and Human Services, Institute of Museum and Library Services, and Google.



(07/2018-06/2021) National Leadership Grants for Libraries, Learning Spaces in Libraries, Log Number: Log Number: LG-80-15-0212-15, $249,908, PI, Yun Huang. Co-PIs: Jian Qin, Xiaozhong Liu.

(06/2017-05/2022) NSF CAREER Award, Inclusive Privacy: Effective Privacy Management for People with Visual Impairments, $497,873, PI, Yang Wang.

(11/2015-10/2016) Syracuse University Internal Research Grant Program, Accessible Online Social Learning via Crowdsourcing, $11,250, PI, Yun Huang.

(10/2015-09/2018) National Leadership Grants for Libraries, Learning Spaces in Libraries, Log Number: LG-80-15-0212-15, $281,263, PI, Yun Huang. Co-PI, R. David Lankes, Jian Qin. Out of total 155 applications, only 15 projects were awarded (less than 10% award rate).

(08/2015-09/2016) Google Research Award, 14% award rate (805 proposals, 113 projects were funded and 27% of the funding awarded to universities outside the U.S), $38,514, PI, Yun Huang.

(06/2015-06/2016) Syracuse University's Information Technology Services (ITS), $3,600, PI, Yun Huang.

(06/2015-06/2016) SU ADVANCE Cross-Sector/Interdisciplinary Opportunity Grants, $10,000, PI, Yun Huang.

(09/2015-08/2016) REU supplements National Science Foundation IIS 1464312, $16,000, Yun Huang.

(2015-2017) National Science Foundation, CRII SaTC: Privacy-Enhancing User Interfaces Based on Individualized Mental Models, Standard Grant, $159,586.00, PI, Yang Wang.

(09/2015-08/2016) National Science Foundation, CRII: CHS: Mobile Crowdsourcing System for Public Safety, Continuing Grant, currently received full budget of the first year for $100,255, PI, Yun Huang.

(09/2014-08/2018) National Science Foundation, Spreading SEEDS: Large-Scale Dissemination of SEED Labs for Security Education, Standard Grant, total $827,385 for 4 years. PI, Kevin Du, Co-PI, Yang Wang.

(09/2013-08/2018) National Institute for Disability Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) ICWC, DRRP on Inclusive Cloud and Web Computing, Syracuse University Subcontract, total $866,000 for 5 years. PI, Yang Wang, Co-PI, Yun Huang.


Email: yvw AT illinois DOT edu
Lab Phone: 217-244-0401
Address: SALT Lab, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL 61820-6211